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Continuing Education Courses

Below the Border: Basic Legal Research in the United States
This session explains the fundamentals of legal research. It will provide an overview of the United States legal system and essential print and Web-based resources. Attendees will be introduced to the primary and secondary sources of legal information they may be called upon to find in daily work. Discussion will include frequently asked legal research questions, cost- effective search strategies, and alternative resources, with plenty of time reserved for participant questions.

Criminal and Investigative Research: Satisfying Due Diligence
You have been asked to conduct a background investigation on individuals involved in a multi- million dollar deal. Or, for a dozen other reasons, your employer wants to know about a person’s criminal or business background. Now what? This course will review U.S. sources and privacy laws pertaining to criminal and investigative research. Discover what is a public record. Learn about permissible (legal) uses of public and private information. Find out why some online public records sources might not meet the due diligence standard.


  • “But I Don’t Like to Market Myself”

  • 60 Sites in 60 Minutes

  • Blogs in the Law Library

  • BNA Breakfast

  • Copyright, International Style!

  • Emerging Technologies Breakfast

  • Emotional Intelligence and Your Job

  • Envisioning the Law Library Ten Years from Now

  • How Does Enforcement of the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act Impact Librarians

  • New Web Tools


  • Corporate Librarians in a Legal Setting

  • County/Court/Province/State Roundtable

  • International Roundtable

  • Tax Roundtable


  • Law Society of Upper Canada

  • Casa Loma

  • Walking Tour of Historic Toronto

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