Education Sessions

2019 Education Session Titles

Incubating Innovation: How Hospitality Librarians Encourage Entrepreneurship
Lessons Learned from My Information Security Assignment
The Gold Standard in Information Services: A Chat with Info Pros from the Federal Reserve System 
Showcasing Relevance by Measuring Scholarly Impact of Research at the Personal or Departmental Level 
Three ways to boost Scholarly Profiles!
Electronic Lab Notebooks: Top Picks and Implementation Tips
CI across Industries
The Art of Customer Segmentation
Intelligence 101: What the heck am I doing? The basics of research, analysis and relationships
Sci-Tech 101: Organ Donation and Medical Devices
Alternate Futures of CI: What to Know and What Does This Mean for Us
Biomedical and Life Sciences Division Vendor Roundtable Lunch
What do researchers need? How to engage and assist them, and help them promote their research
Understanding environmental justice: Helping our patrons find their voice
Integrating OERs into Courseware: the Librarian as Superhero
What would you do? Strategies for Dealing with Bias in the Workplace 
Post-Master’s Residency Programs: Fostering Success and Diversity in Librarianship
 Hot Topic Roundtable: New research tools
Gear up for your next career: managers and applicants share experiences and advice
Big Data and Controlled Vocabularies
Keeping Your Taxonomy Fresh and Relevant
Taxonomy-Ontology Conversions: Case Studies
Ensuring semantic interoperability and creating interoperable taxonomies
Courseware Learning Analytics for Librarians
Service or Partnership? Juggling Roles As Solos and Embedded Librarians
What Next?  Identifying Your Encore Career Choices with Lifestyle Preferences
Standards Update
Blockchain: The New Technology and Its Applications for Libraries
Where the River Burned:  Harnessing the Written Record to Portray an Urban Environmental Crisis
Urban Agriculture in Cleveland
Implementing and Providing Health Information Services and Resources for the LGBTQ Community
A View of Government Information and Resources through the Copyright Lens
Cuyahoga County Government Archives: Outreach, Service, and Records Preservation
Your Tax Dollars at Work: Government Resources for Your Users, Presented by the Cleveland Public LIbrary's Government Documents Department
Federal Agency Implementation of Public Access Plans Using New Repository Technologies 
Government Library Management and Leadership: A Discussion of Priorities for Federal, State, and Local Government Library Leaders
Case Study: Understanding Knowledge Workers’ Document Creation, Description, and Storage (CDS) Conventions
Building the Emotionally Intelligent Workplace: Ways to improve the self, others, and overall
Competitive Intelligence Strategy Workshop: Opening a New Office or Practice (90 MINUTE PROPOSAL)
Media Preservation & Asset Management: Why Librarians are DAM Gods!
How to translate a business question into a market opportunity - formulate creative research solutions with limited resources
RPA: How Do I Decide I'm Ready, and What Do I Do First?
Cognitive psychology research this year: what it tells us about fake news and implications for information literacy
Controlling the Chaos - Managing Record Transfers During Asset Acquisitions and Divestitures
Librarians: The Key to Powerful Systematic Reviews
Hackathons & Libraries' Roles in Promoting a Tech Culture
Project “Spectrum”: A Case of Creative Due Diligence in High Stakes Decision Intelligence
Finding Hidden Business Resources: Mining grey literature, deep web and other hidden business and financial resources
Go Ahead, Push My Buttons!  Survival techniques for when your staff drive you crazy
Transformers: Coaching Employee Performance Toward Success, Not Termination
Go Big or Get Left Out: Increasing Librarian Involvement at the Curriculum and Classroom Levels
Engaging Stakeholders to Expand Awareness and Use of Your Organization's Creative Content
Creating an Information Centre of Excellence: What the best information teams do
Dori Helped Nemo Find What He Was Looking for and You Can Too: Learning the Basics of Legal Research for Non-Legal Professionals.
Social Justice in Cleveland: The Urban Economy
Genomic Literacy
Killing Sacred Cows: Using Data to Evaluate and Manage Library Services
The Accidental Digital Asset Manager: How traditional library skills transfer to the DAM world
Data 101: Data Literacy for the Rest of Us
Innovation Theatre: Is Innovation the Next Big Thing for Knowledge Management?
A How-to Guide to Engage Employees in Knowledge Management
What’s the Buzz? Cannabis Law – Tell Me What’s a Happenin’
Practical Applications of AI in Law Firms
The Secret Sauce: Where You’re Probably NOT Looking to Find Your Client Intelligence
Creating a compelling business case: How to make it stand out from the rest?
Emerging Technologies – How are they impacting content licensing?
How to Survive and Excel in a Gig Economy
Surveys 101: Getting Surveys Right
Diversity in the workplace: it's broader than you think
The 10 Myths of Starting a Consulting Business
5 Steps to Spot Career Opportunities, Turn Them into a Reality, and Advance Your Career Starting Right Now!
How We Are Fighting This War…and the Next.  Lessons Learned and Taught at the Naval Postgraduate School’s CORE Lab 
Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing: What You Need to Know!
Listen to the Stars:  Astronomy Roundtable
Mathematics Roundtable
PAM Vendor Update
Locating and Leveraging Key Opinion Leaders
Elements for improved scientific landscape analysis: Using pipeline data, bibliometrics, and data visualization techniques to enhance reporting 
Finding the Write Fit for Your Research: Exploring the Publication Landscape in 2019
Making Science Relevant (Physics Roundtable)
The Value of Advocacy for SLA Members
Knowing and Asking for What You're Worth: How to Use the SLA Salary Survey for Your Next Salary Review, Promotion, or Job Change
Author rights, licences, and the publishing policy stack: what is the role for libraries in this space?
Social Sciences & Humanities Roundtables
Cleveland Stories: Place-Based Writing
Digital Storytelling: There's an App for That
Pop Culture and Librarians: How Instagram and Beyonce is saving the information profession
Taxonomy Basics
Taxonomy Roundtable
Taxonomy Governance IRL
Taxonomy Tools and Tool Evaluation
From Streetcars to Bike Lanes to Autonomous Vehicles: the Past, Present, and Future of Transportation Equity
Government Transportation Research Information Committee_Educational Session Meeting