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Concurrent Sessions #7

Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 9:00am - 10:00am 

Session Title Units Hosting (If Applicable) Content Level
Project "Spectrum": A Case of Creative Due Diligence in High Stakes Decision Intelligence Competitive Intelligence Division Master Class (Advanced)
Post-Master's Residency Programs: Fostering Success and Diversity in Librarianship Diversity, Inclusion, Community and Equity Caucus Fundamental
Sci-Tech 101: Organ Donation and Medical Devices DST Fundamental
Your Tax Dollars at Work: Government Resources for Your Users, Presented by the Cleveland Public LIbrary's Government Documents Department Government Information Division Fundamental
Case Study: Understanding Knowledge Workers' Document Creation, Description, and Storage (CDS) Conventions Intermediate
How to Survive and Excel in a Gig Economy Leadership Management Division Intermediate
Elements for improved scientific landscape analysis: Using pipeline data, bibliometrics, and data visualization techniques to enhance reporting,  Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies Division Intermediate
Transform Your Clients into Searching Superheroes! Intermediate

Concurrent Sessions #8
Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 10:15am - 11:30am 

Session Title Units Hosting (If Applicable) Content Level
Electronic Lab Notebooks: Implementation and Assessment Success Stories Chemistry Division Master Class (Advanced)
Alternate Futures of CI: What to Know and What Does This Mean for Us Competitive Intelligence Division Intermediate
Gear up for your next career: managers and applicants share experiences and advice DST Intermediate
Blockchain: The New Technology and Its Applications for Libraries Engineering, Information Technology, and Science and Technology Divisions Fundamental
Diversity in the workplace: It's broader than you think Leadership Management Division Intermediate
To All the Mistakes We've Made Before: Learning Journeys of Three Bibliometrics Librarians Maryland Chapter Fundamental
Listen to the Stars: Astronomy Roundtable Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics (PAM) Division Fundamental
Finding the Write Fit for Your Research: Exploring the Publication Landscape in 2019 Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies Division Fundamental
Cleveland Stories: Place-Based Writing Social Sciences & Humanities Division Intermediate
Digital Storytelling with Omeka and Curatescape Social Sciences & Humanities Division Master Class (Advanced)
Taxonomy-Ontology Conversions: Case Studies Taxonomy Division Intermediate

Concurrent Sessions #9
Tuesday, June 18, 2019, 1:30pm - 2:30pm 

Session Title Units Hosting (If Applicable) Content Level
Incubating Innovation: How Hospitality Librarians Support Entrepreneurship Business & Finance Division Fundamental
Where the River Burned:  Harnessing the Written Record to Portray an Urban Environmental Crisis Food, Agriculture and Environmental Resources Division Intermediate
Media Preservation & Asset Management: Why Librarians are DAM Gods! Intermediate
Killing Sacred Cows: Using Data to Evaluate and Manage Library Services IT Division Master Class (Advanced)
Innovation Theatre: Is Innovation the Next Big Thing for Knowledge Management? Knowledge Management Division Intermediate
Practical Applications of AI in Law Firms Legal Division Intermediate
Surveys 101: Getting Surveys Right Leadership Management Division Fundamental
Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing: What You Need to Know! Military Libraries Division Intermediate
Taxonomy Tools and Tool Evaluation Taxonomy Division Fundamental
Demystifying the Complexities of Knowledge Management & Librarianship in a High Tech Environment Intermediate