Employer Support Letter

Employer Support Letter


You know why you need to participate in SLA 2020, but does your employer? Customize the letter below to help make your case.

 Show value with testimonials, benefits, and a list of organizations who are represented at SLA conferences.  

Dear [Employer],


Providing decision-ready information and insights to you and our colleagues at [organization] requires me to stay on top of the latest developments in information and knowledge management.


Participating in the Special Libraries Association’s 2020 Annual Conference in October will provide me with an excellent opportunity to learn about cutting-edge services, trends in the information industry, and best practices for delivering exceptional support.


The SLA 2020 Annual Conference is a meeting I consider essential to my professional success.

  • It draws library and information professionals from across several sectors—government, private industry, academia, law firms, NGOs, and more—so I gain perspectives I wouldn’t obtain from meeting only with fellow [organization sector] librarians.
  • It brings together more than 100 vendors, giving a firsthand look at an unparalleled variety of information products and services that could benefit [organization].
  • The education program at SLA 2020 addresses topics ranging from data literacy to digital asset management to artificial intelligence to customer segmentation. No other industry meeting covers such a breadth of subject matter.


At SLA 2020, I’ll be with more than 1,000 other information professionals who face the same kinds of challenges I face—industry colleagues who are trying new approaches, testing new products, and implementing new strategies to get ahead. Every person I talk to could teach me something I don’t know.


Simply put, to learn as much as I’ll learn at SLA 2020 and make the same number of valuable connections, I’d have to attend several industry meetings and sign up for a dozen or more webinars and online courses. Attending SLA 2020 saves [organization] and me time and money.


Furthermore, SLA 2020 provides great value. Registration is lower than it is for most conferences of this type, and the costs cover much more than any other industry event or conference. The condensed virtual format packs a lot of punch into a small package.


If you give me the OK to participate in SLA 2020—and I sincerely hope you will---you can expect me to gain plenty of new ideas and insights I can implement right away. Please let me know if you would like additional information, or visit SLA’s conference website for details.




[Your Name]