Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training Workshop

Join your fellow SLAers for a training workshop on diversity, equity and inclusion, tailored for SLA leaders and members. Attend this hands-on workshop to gain a better understanding of oppression, anti-racism, allyship, and what you can do as a member of the SLA community to make a difference. 

The workshop will last four hours and take place over two days. Attendees should plan to attend the full program. 

Session 1: Thursday, October 8th, 12:00-2:00 pm ET
Session 2: Friday, October 9th, 12:00-2:00 pm ET

This training workshop is open to all SLA members and is also open to non-members who are registered for the 2020 Annual Conference. It is offered as a complimentary benefit of membership and/or conference attendance. 

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Program Description:

What is racism, and how does one act in allyship against racism? What does anti-racism look like for not only individuals, but also communities, and organizations? These seem like simple questions, but few people have had the opportunity to learn how racism functions on multiple levels, and thus how to combat it effectively. This two-part training and workshop will train attendees on racism, anti-racism, and allyship through an anti-oppression lens, giving a broader and deeper context to complex issues. Attendees will also engage in activities and dialogue groups designed to crystallize their learning and its application to their daily lives and workplaces. Join this two-part virtual training series to have your understanding of racism and anti-racism transformed.  

About the Facilitator:

Regan Byrd is a recognized anti-oppression activist, speaker, and trainer. She was named a “Woman to Watch” by the Denver League of Women Voters, and received the Lily Ledbetter award from 9to5 Colorado. She was recently named “Woman of the Year” by the Business and Professional Women of Denver.

Regan holds dual bachelors’ degrees in Public Policy and Sociology from the University of Denver, with minors in Gender and Women’s Studies and English.  She is also an alum of the Denver Metro Chamber’s “Impact Denver” leadership class, the Citizen Academy program (formerly run by Transit Alliance), and Emerge Colorado, class of 2017.

Regan is known for her empathy, humor, and surgical precision in discussing typically difficult topics. She creates an environment of curiosity and mutual respect so that people are engaged and eager to grow. She trains people from all backgrounds and knowledge levels, focusing on the concept of oppression and how we can identify and resist it, together.

Regan is based in Denver, Colorado.