Keynote Presentations

Opening Keynote Presentation, Wednesday, Oct 14
Yvette Pegues
Founder and CEO,Your Invisible Disability Group

Yvette Pegues is an Ed.D. candidate, former IBM networking/cloud engineer and digital project manager turned worldwide program delivery manager, corporate disability/diversity consultant, special populations trainer, published author, disability advocate, ADA advisor and product/brand ambassador. 

After a life-changing traumatic brain/spinal cord injury, she successfully aligned adaptive technology with disability, diversity and difference for clients around the world. Today, she is the co-Founder and CEO of Your Invisible Disability Group, whose mission is to empower, equip, educate and include individuals with disabilities. As a speaker and consultant, she cultivates and educates corporate clients on how to lean-in to $10 trillion in revenue gaps and opportunities in the growing disability sector.

Yvette has been featured in both local and national media outlets including CNN, NBC, the Atlanta Tribune Magazine, and more. Visit to learn more. 

In her opening keynote address at SLA2020, Yvette will talk about accessibility, diversity, and innovation, as well as belonging and the importance of making others feel they belong—whether in the workplace, in SLA, or in other groups with which you interact. 

Closing Keynote Presentation, Friday, Oct 16
Debra Jasper

Founder and CEO, Mindset Digital

Debra Jasper works with Fortune 500 organizations to teach their leaders how to make connections in a technologically driven environment. In her closing keynote address at SLA2020, she’ll show you how to:

  • Connect and compete in a socially distanced world;
  • Strengthen your online presence and personal brand;
  • Increase your visibility and showcase your value;
  • Deepen connections using the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn; and 
  • Create compelling thought leadership during this time of uncertainty and anxiety.

Named one of the top 12 female entrepreneurs in North America by Ernst & Young, Debra directed the Kiplinger Program at Ohio State University’s School of Public Affairs, where she launched the world’s first social media fellowship for journalists. She and her colleagues at Mindset Digital have delivered presentations and training to more than 200,000 professionals in the financial, healthcare, tech and hospitality sectors. An international keynote speaker, Debra has given talks in more than a dozen countries, from the Global Internet Conference in Australia to the Ukrainian Council of Ministers. She earned her Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership from Ohio State and wrote her dissertation on the art of powerful micro storytelling Today, tens of thousands of professionals are enrolled in her firm’s high-impact, scalable online programs in social selling and recruiting, writing for mobile, and cybersecurity.