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SLA Presidential Update

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Leadership Training Sessions

All of the training sessions have been completed.  To review or re-watch a session, check out the link below.

Here is the link to the recordings of all the past training sessions.


Volunteers Needed in the Academic & Education Community!

  • Does your library have a special collection you’d like to highlight? Contact Tricia Bailey:

  • A&E will have a booth on Main Street SLA at this year’s virtual conference. Will be needing volunteers to staff the booth.  More information will be forthcoming soon.
    • In addition to having the booth staffed, any ideas for content on what to include at our booth would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.

  • Ready to take on an elected board role?  We will be looking to fill board positions for the next year later this summer.  

Save the Dates (Upcoming Events)

Meeting ID: 970 8955 4714
Passcode: happyhour