Unit Opportunities

Red button with Volunteer labelCurrently in need of a President-elect:  In this community officer role, you will gain valuable leadership skills as you work with the community president to plan community activities, learn as much as possible about the operation of the Community, substitute for the president (as needed), recruit advisory board members, and attend SLA leadership meetings--online and in person at conferences.  Serving as president-elect is a great way to network and gain leadership experience. In the following year the president-elect serves as president and takes over management of the community.  

President-elect is a three year commitment, with one year as president-elect, one year as president, and one year as past president. The president and president-elect attend, if possible, the Leadership Symposium, held in the beginning of the year, in order to be familiarized with the general running of the association. 

Secretary (one-year term):  records and distributes minutes of the community's business meetings, conducts official correspondence and maintains a file of current records, periodically reports to SLA HQ, uploads archival materials into the community library (in SLA Connect) at the end of the year.

Practical Academic Librarianship and Education Libraries Editorial Team: As a member of the editorial team, you will work with managing editors Jennifer Bartlett and Willow Fuchs, to solicit and edit articles for either of our online journals.  Both of these peer-reviewed publications are also always in need of peer-reviewers.  Contact either Jennifer (jen.bartlett@uky.edu) or Willow (willow-fuchs@uiowa.edu) for more information.

Web Page Manager: responsible for the oversight and updating of the content of the web page.

Web content assistant: In this role you will work with web manager to keep the web content up-to-date and accurate.

Webinar Coordinator and Moderator: responsible for coming up with topics and speakers to feature on our highly successful monthly webinars which are done in partnership with ACRL's EBSS Education Committee.  Contact Lesley Farmer (Lesley.Farmer@csulb.edu).

Conference Planner: work with the membership in developing ideas for conference programming; this includes program ideation, recruitment of speakers and moderators, and working with/on the Annual Conference Advisory Committee as the community representative.

Scholarly Communications Section Chair: the Section will monitor and report on developments in scholarly communications.

Social Media Manager: responsible for maintaining our community's social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn).

Please contact Susan Hahn (shahn@ou.edu)  if you are interested in volunteering.