​April 19, 2017 - SLA Australia and New Zealand hosted a conversation with Guy St. Clair - discussing his new book - 
Knowledge Services: A Strategic Framework for the 21st Century Organisation.

Guy St. Clair is recognized for his expertise in knowledge management, knowledge services, and knowledge strategy development. He is particularly well known for his work with knowledge strategists. Other knowledge workers with whom Guy St. Clair has interacted include information professionals, strategic learning officers, specialist librarians, research managers, records coordinators, corporate archivists, technology managers, and other strategic knowledge professionals.

Webinar Recording - Guy St Clair - Knowledge services

Powerpoint slides - Knowledge Services ppt incl GStC

Handouts from session - AUS-NZ 041817 Knowledge Services — How It Works / AUS-NZ 041817 Knowledge Services — The Recurring Question

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