Asian Chapter

The Special Libraries Association is one of the largest professional non-profit associations with about 4000 members in 83 countries with 58 chapters and 25 divisions. The Asian chapter of SLA is one of the fastest growing chapters, with members from around the world. We have over 70 members from the following countries: India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, UK, and USA.

The Asian chapter's mission statement is:
  • To provide a networking facility for all Asian Librarians and organize visits by members to libraries in other Asian countries to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • To provide global access to other Chapters and Divisions, wikis, blogs and Community of Practice areas, so that professionals have contact with a global audience that shares a mutual vision of the industry.
  • To organize Annual Meetings in which Asian Librarians are invited to participate.
  • To organize training, workshops, seminars, and conferences in the Asian region to encourage continuing further education.
  • To provide remote training via Click-University, and encourage the use of new technologies in the professional work environment.
  • To provide guidance, guidelines and professional support to librarians on topics of interest and importance to the profession.
  • To raise revenue for the Chapter activities through sponsorship, Chapter activities and the Chapter newsletter via advertising.
  • To support the SLA Asian Chapter activities by increasing the membership.
  • To celebrate the diversity of the Asian Chapter through its members, recognizing the cultural identities the members bring to the chapter.
The Asian chapter encourages members’ suggestions to further the development of the chapter. We are already one of the current dynamic model chapters of the SLA, and have gained international attention, including that of service providers and publishers. Please send your suggestions to the Chapter President, at: