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13th International Conference of University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka (ICULA-2023) 26th October 2023 Details

University Library at a New Stage of Social Communications Development (UniLibNSD) International Conference 5-6 October 2023 Details

17th International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics, and Scientometrics (WIS) and the 22nd COLLNET 2023 8-10th December 2023 Details

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Asian Chapter Webinar Series

Past Webinars

Topic: Asian Chapter Webinar on Special Librarianship.

Speaker: Stephen Abram, Jill Strand & Abby Walters .
Time: Aug 22, 2020 at 6:00 PM IST (India Time)/ 8.30 AM US & Canada Time at (Saturday)  Video  PPT:  Stephen Abram; Jill Strand & Abby Walters

Topic: Guidelines for Library Professionals & Library Users after COVID- 19 Period and the Role of Library Associations.

Speaker: Ms.Loida Febo-Garcia (ALA- Immediate past president).
Time: June 06, 2020 5:00PM PST/ 5:30 PM IST/ 8 AM EDT  PPT

Topic: Academic Libraries and Librarianship: A Synoptic View.
Speaker: Dr. P R Goswami - Former Director (LIb), IGNCA.  PPT

Topic: Libraries Towards Excellence.
Speaker: Ms. Surekha Kaul - Sr. AGM, BrahMos Aerospace.
Time: May 30, 2020 3:30 PM IST/ 6 AM EDT   

Topic: Human Resources in Library Profession in the Digital Era.
Speaker: Dr. Kalyan Bhattacharjee, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. 
Time: May 23, 2020 4:30 PM IST/ 7 AM EDT Video PPT
Dr. Parveen Babbar, President, Asian Chapter.
E-mail: parveenbabbar@gmail.com

Mr. Shankar B. Chavan, Webmaster, Asian Chapter.
E-mail: shankaraochavan@gmail.com

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  • Don't forget -- Open Board Call Friday!!

    Don't forget to join us this Friday at 11:00 am EST for an Open Board Call! We want to hear from you -- what programming are you interested in, would you like to host a networking dinner, are you planning to attend MLA/SLA in Detroit? Bring your ideas and your questions! Registration info below.
    A royal blue invitation to attend the Carolinas Community's Open Board Call on Friday, February 17, 2023 at 11AM EST.
  • 2023 SLA New England Board:

    President: Kathy Berger

    President-elect: Karen Graham

    Secretary: Melissa Gough

    Finance Director: Joan Cunningham

    Communications Director: Kelli Costello

    Programming Chairs:  Khalilah Gambrell and Ann Cullen

    Archivist: Susan McGovern

    Student Relations Chair: Molly Peters

  • MLA|SLA ’23 submission site for Poster and Lightning Talks Open Through January 26, 2023

    The 2023 MLA|SLA National Program Committee invites abstract submissions that support the annual meeting theme “Looking back, forging ahead.” The MLA|SLA ’23 submission site for Poster and Lightning Talks is now open and will remain open until January 26, 2023.  Lightning Talks are virtual 5 minute presentations and posters are highly visual presentations that can be presented in-person or virtually.
  • 2022 SLA New England Award Nominations

    We are looking for nominations for the following SLA NE community awards: 

    • Community Achievement Award: Recognizing a community member for outstanding committee work, performance in office, or execution of event-related duties during this program year. 
    • Distinguished Service Award: Recognizing a community member(s) for a sustained record of supporting community activities over the years. These may be for service on one or more committees, by holding various offices, or for managing different events, that when considered cumulatively have notably furthered the life of the community. 
    • Special Recognition Award: Conferred on a longstanding community member(s) to cap a career and celebrate a well-deserved retirement, in recognition of what the member has done or meant to the community.

     NOTE: Nominees must be current SLA members.

    Want to nominate someone? Please use this form to submit nominations by the end of day on Monday, December 5th. 

    If you have any questions, please contact bergerkm@bu.edu.

  • Free Professional Development Opportunity! Info Tools 2022

    You are invited to CLSA's Source Forward recap and Info Tools 2022! Join us on Friday, December 2 from 12:00 - 3:00 for an afternoon of learning together. To register, see the agenda, and volunteer to present, visit https://forms.gle/MgeaFSGUaRTod9Lb7