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Seema Rampersad works as a corporate and business librarian. A current member of The Research Service in the Business and IP Centre, she has also worked for the Intelligence Unit at the Greater London Authority and for PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Business Information Centre for many years. Though, in both roles she has continued to use new technologies for collaborating across subject areas and borders. At present, she is interested in social media and the use of multimedia as business and professional development tools for managing and delivering information and knowledge.

President-Elect 2022-2024 - Please see more here:

SLA Roles:
SLA President-Elect 2022
SLA President-Elect Candidate 2021
SLA Chair on Task Force on Reopening Specialized Libraries 2020-
SLA PREP Council - 2021 Current Member
SLA Europe Conference Committee 2020-2021
SLA Europe President 2020
SLA Europe President Elect 2019

SLA Europe Membership Chair 2014-2018
SLA Task Force on Diversity Inclusion & Equity (DICE) 2016
SLA Europe Digital Communications Committee 2011- Current Member with direct responsibility for some of their social media channels.

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