Mr. David Ballantine

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I have experience working in public libraries with the public in access services where I have met a diverse array of patrons. I consider myself to be adaptable and am happy to take on any new role that may help with the goals of the department or organization I am working for. Additionally I have experience with entrepreneurship for two years. I have a very strong background in education in finance and government. This has resulted in extensive knowledge of business information and governments resources. I love film and media and am looking for ways to contribute to those areas especially regarding information management.

In my private life I have a daily meditation and yoga practice. I love to cook, especially Ayurveda and Indian food. A big passion in my life is healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. I read broadly about a book a week for the past 10 years. My dedicated hobbies include golf, go-kart racing, motorcycles, and cars.