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Cynthia Cheng Correia helps professionals and organizations enhance what they do. For over two decades, she has supported managers and companies in developing their competitive intelligence (CI), critical foresight & strategic capabilities. She has advised and trained practitioners and intelligence users in developing and improving processes and practices, tools and methods. Her expertise extends into the combined disciplines of CI and knowledge management (CIKM). Cynthia’s practice includes intelligence defense; open source intelligence (OSINT); and identifying & minimizing cognitive biases, silos and other barriers to research, analysis, collaboration, problem-solving, knowledge and intelligence generation, and decision-making.

Chair of the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows, Cynthia is a distinguished leader in the CI field and has committed herself to advancing sound intelligence practices through the Council’s values of advising, championing, mentoring, and educating (ACME). She is an author and frequent speaker who has appeared in leading publications including The New York Times, Super Searchers on Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence Magazine, Information Outlook, and The Handbook of Information Management (9th ed.). Recognized for teaching excellence, Cynthia is an instructor at Simmons College’s School of Library and Information Science and developed SLA’s Competitive and Decision Intelligence Certificates Program. She is a recipient of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals’ 2011 Catalyst Award, and 2012 and 2015 WISE Faculty of the Year awards.