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February 2019 Meeting Minutes

By Dana Eckstein Berkowitz posted 05-01-2019 17:41


Meeting Type:
Board Meeting

Chapter Name: SLA-NE

Date, Time, and Place: Friday, February 22, 2019; 12-1pm; virtual

Name of the convening officer and secretary (or their substitutes), and if an executive board meeting, the names of those present:

Caren Torrey

Kayleigh Bohemier

Joy McNally Brandow

Kelly Bunting

Dana Eckstein Berkowitz

Katie Glasoe

Jill Aberdale

Bob Kowalski

Ann Cohen

Meeting called to order at 12:09 p.m. by Caren Torrey.


Approve November 2018 Meeting Minutes - Kelly Bunting

Katie Glasoe moved to approve November 2018 meeting minutes, Kelly Bunting seconded, the motion passed, and the November 2018 minutes were approved.

Review Board Structure

Last year leadership moved towards flatter board structure. Caren reviewed 2018 structure and showed proposed 2019 structure, which is not yet approved. All proposed changes should be sent to Caren, and the board plans to approve at the March meeting.

Recruiting volunteers

We are missing volunteers for a variety of positions.

Webmaster & SLA Connect Administrator - Empty. Previously two separate positions, but with the migration, it was proposed that they be combined into one position.

Employment Chair - Marge LaCoutre is the current person posting jobs. She does so on the website, but not Connect. With the shut down of the site coming up, what should this role look like? In the past, this was someone working with programming to showcase employment opportunities.

Programming Chair - Ann Cohen will step into Co-Chair position, Khalilah Gambrell will Co-Chair. Ann can only assist if she is Co-Chair, wants to ensure we are still providing opportunities for people to interact in person.

Dine Around Coordinator - Donna may take on this role.

Caren will set up meeting for programming chairs and dine around coordinator to connect.

Kayleigh mentioned that membership chair on SLA NE site is listed as Paula Cohen. This should be update to list Kayleigh.

Budget Update - Bob Kowalski

Every year an annual report is submitted to HQ with bank statements, reports, etc. That annual report has been sent in ahead of schedule. A reconciliation report did not add up, ~$3 off on savings, ~$20 in checking, HQ is working on identifying the discrepancy.

2019 budget was reviewed. Currently, expenses exceed expected income since there is no  sponsorship goal yet with the new programming committee. Income is purely the allotment and interest. This is not out of the ordinary from year to year.

Discussion of proposed spending cuts included reduction in board member conference funding. Kayleigh highlighted that the chapter practices identify that the president and one board member of their choosing get the leadership stipend for the conference (page 9 of the practices). Joy proposed that president and president-elect positions are natural fits for funding as the conference provides leadership opportunities for roles. Katie suggested if personal professional development funds cover conference attendance, then SLA NE should not double fund conference attendance, merely supplement what may not be covered. Kelly proposed removing co-president allotment.

The budget can be approved via email by executive board members. Bob will circulate the budget again for comment and amendment and it will be approved either before or at the next meeting.

Leadership Symposium - Kayleigh Bohemier and Dana Eckstein Berkowitz

Kayleigh and Dana have written about their experiences at the symposium for Connect. Board members can review their write ups and ask any questions at the next meeting.

Committee Updates

Archives - Caren Torrey on behalf of Susan McGovern

Susan has engaged three new students to help with continued archival upkeep of the SLA NE collection.


Barbara Williams has stepped down from the chair position. Caren thanks her for her work in this role. Ann and Khalilah will be taking on these roles as mentioned previously. How this shared role will function will be discussed amongst the co-chairs, Caren, and the Dine Around Coordinator.

Membership - Kayleigh Bohemier

Kayleigh is orienting into the new role and plans to continue pulling monthly reports. She will communicate membership updates via email due to meeting time constraint.

Communications - Dana Eckstein Berkowitz

Dana is orienting into the new role. Please email her if there is anything you want to share to social media. Kayleigh’s post on her Leadership Symposium experience has been posted to website. Dana’s will follow next week.

Student Relations - Katie Glasoe

Student stipend has been posted and we have received one application. They will be reviewing applications in the beginning of March. Student relations is also working with SLA@Simmons to plan a Dine Around to be mid-semester in Cambridge.

Following up on the ABM, Joy asked about SCSU accreditation. No one from the meeting followed up with Katie, but the stipend announcement has been made available to all Connect student forums.

The school is still in the early phases of accreditation, and not yet fully accredited.

New Business

Dana shared that Janet Weiss from NJ contacted her about SLA NE participating in the East Coast reception at Cleveland. Joy submitted a proposal last fall. Caren was on the previous planning committee and communicated there is little involvement necessary, as HQ covers the bulk of the planning. While some were underwhelmed with the reception last year, SLA NE plans to participate this year again in the hopes of a more vibrant event with new leadership.

Dine Arounds

There will be a dine around Tuesday, February 26 at Dumpling Daughter.


Joy moved to adjourn, Katie seconded. Meeting adjourned at 12:57 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary, Kelly Bunting.