Why You Should Install New Gutters Along with Your Roof

By Erick Babin posted 10 days ago


Homeowners obviously wish to save on costs. Saving money on your new roof installation by not replacing the gutters is not the way to achieve this goal. In all likelihood, trying to save money by not replacing the guttering with the roof, will have the opposite effect. 

Down the line, you will simply find that additional work is needed to install new gutters and downpipes, costing extra labor. The following points provide clarity as to why new roofing and gutters should be installed at the same time.

The roof is practically one unit

Because the roof, guttering, fascia, flashing, drip edges, and downpipes almost form one unit, it is best to ensure all parts are in optimum working order. If the one part fails, the chances are that the others will quickly also begin to fail. A faulty roofing system places your entire home at risk. 

Before you try to take an easier short-term route, get a professional Austin roofing company to evaluate all aspects of your roof. These experienced experts will be in the ideal position to advise you on whether new guttering is a complete necessity, or whether cost savings are possible.

Fast fixes with ongoing renovations

Previous owners may have implemented fast fixes to the roof or gutters with past renovations or property upgrades. As a consequence, guttering may have been installed at different heights. 

Water damage potential may have been inadvertently increased in the process. Gutters, fascia and flashing may have also become misaligned during these quick fixes.

Earlier attempts to save money may well be the reason that you should now go the extra mile to fix your roof and gutters at the same time. This approach is best suited for practical protective reasons and for aesthetic purposes.

Seamless roofing with seamless gutters

Some repairs, such as the flashing, drip edge and the fascia, can only be achieved once the gutter has been removed. This is another reason why gutters should be fixed at the same time as the roof. 

A very effective manner to get the optimum job done is through seamless gutters. The roofing team will cut and fit these seamless gutters on site most of the time. 

Labor and material cost savings are achieved, and advanced technologies reduce joint seams in the metal guttering. Because of this, the potential for water leaks is greatly reduced, adding protection to your overall roofing system.

Correcting all other roofing system issues

By choosing the long-term fix, your roofing team will ensure that all gutters will be custom cut to match the needs and shape of the property. The gutters will also be installed at the right height to optimize water removal. 

Removal of the guttering will highlight underlying damage to fascia and flashing. This will give the roof specialists the chance to fix other roofing system problems that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Overall, the replacement of gutters and roofing at the same time helps to prevent long-term damage.

Roof aesthetics and property value

By now, it must be clearer why roofs and gutters should be replaced at the same time. It is rather pointless to have a new roof, accompanied by fading, rusting, cracked gutters. None of this will add to the aesthetic appeal of your home or your property value. 

Worse, because the guttering has to be removed to fix other elements, your waterproofing won’t have been optimized. This approach will negate the reasons for replacing your roof and ultimately will add to the overall costs to fix your roofing system. Trying to save costs on gutters then just increases the overall price of your new roof.

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