How to Keep Delivery Employees and Customers Safe During COVID-19

By Erick Babin posted 17 days ago


While the coronavirus continues to force American life into an unprecedented shutdown, the business has to go on. For businesses that deal in deliveries and those that have pivoted to delivery as a result of the federal government lockdown order, worker safety is the latest problem to deal with. 

Reports of delivery employees infected with the virus while on duty have already made some news. For employers looking to protect their delivery employees, only a few methods have proven viable and effective so far. 

Providing face masks and shields to every delivery employee

It is a government-issued regulation now but ensuring your delivery employees are safe from the coronavirus while at work is a human and economic responsibility first. The country’s leading experts have already identified face masks and face shields as major components in protecting people against coronavirus. 

It’s a smart decision to give each of your delivery staff clean, dependable face masks of their own as they go out for duty, even in sparsely populated neighborhoods. This guarantees protection for both your staff and your customers since the virus spread is restricted during the delivery process. 

Face masks and face shields come with the added advantage of being branding platforms, as many businesses have already seen. You can have your employees’ face masks customized with your business’s logo and name to double the effect. 

Empire Promotional Products is one of the few online retailers offering customizable face masks and face shields in different qualities and at wholesale rates, perfect for a company with many employees. Their online store has been a last-chance option for sourcing face masks, sanitizers and other necessities for Americans throughout this pandemic.

6-foot distance rule on delivery at customers’ doorsteps

Along with face masks, social distancing is another method experts have pointed out as crucial in mitigating the spread of coronavirus. Business owners can protect both their employees and staff by enforcing the 6-foot social distancing rule during the delivery process. 

Delivery staff can be given tutorials on how to deliver items without getting within 6 feet of customers. Protecting delivery employees is an indirect way of protecting clients, and the 6-foot social distancing rule is one good way to achieve that.

Equipping each delivery employee with a hand sanitizer

As they go along their delivery routes and get about their daily business, delivery employees can be protected from the coronavirus by giving them hand sanitizer to carry along. 

Hand sanitizer has become scarce in many cities around the country, so delivery employees may find it difficult to procure their own product for work purposes. Therefore, it’s up to the employer to provide this hand sanitizer to every bike, car, or truck making delivery rounds for protection purposes. 

The power of hand sanitizer to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses is common knowledge, making it a valuable product to have for personal safety.

Mandatory handwashing at business premises before and after delivery

Even when human contact is eliminated, the delivery process involves more than a few instances of bodily contact with items and surfaces. 

As numerous studies have shown, coronavirus stays on surfaces for a while after transmission and can, therefore, be ingested through bodily contact with surfaces. These same studies have also emphasized that regular hand washing is the best way to avert the imminent danger from such exposure. 

Making hand washing mandatory for delivery employees is a smart and effective way to protect them and your customers. For all-round coverage, have delivery employees wash their hands both before entering the workplace and after delivering items.

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