5 Clever Design Tips to Use for a Small Garden

By Erick Babin posted 11 days ago


Small gardens really lend themselves well to the creation of an intimate space. Small gardens can mean just a few feet of space or much more than this. Whichever ‘small’ space you have for a garden, use it wisely. 

Adopt a minimalist approach for tiny gardens, and you’ll be able to create a haven. Expand your décor with a slightly larger space, and you’ll have more options to enhance your outdoor living area.

Add a water feature

Whether your garden area is tiny or small, a wall fountain is the ideal addition to improve your outdoor living. Wall fountains for outdoors can be mounted on the home or the garden wall to save space. Explore your options for available designs online at the Soothing Company for the ideal water feature for your garden. 

Take advantage of special discounts to have your wall fountain delivered to your doorstep, because shipping won’t cost a cent. Wall fountains provide ambiance in any outdoor area and typically attract birdlife to add to the attraction. You will be making a good decision with a ready-made or custom-designed water feature.

Maximize your space with furniture choices

Keep your furniture choices simple. Seats and tables may be as simple as a small round table and four chairs, or a two-seater bench. The point is that you need to think carefully about outdoor furniture in small spaces. 

If you love your BBQ, remember that this equipment will probably also take up quite a lot of space in the garden. Make wise choices when it comes to furniture, and keep the items on the daintier side rather than the hefty side. Dainty items will give the appearance of taking us less room, while the opposite is also true.

Wall-mounted decorations

Because your floor space in small gardens is best used for plants, think about improving the décor with wall mounted decorations. Most plant nurseries offer exceptional ornamentation for wall decorations in small gardens. Include wall-mounted planters in your plan to grow your own herbs or vegetables. 

Select from a range of planter designs, and consider planting seasonal flowers to add color to your garden. The greater your plant varieties, the more likely you are to attract birds and bees and color is always appealing in an outdoor space. If wall space is also at a premium, the next step is to consider containers.

Plant containers

If your outdoor space is already paved, there probably isn’t much room for plants. The next best tip is to choose containers for plants to bring your garden area to life. Containers come in all shapes, sizes and designs are well-suited to small gardens. 

Even if you have a small patch of grass and some plants in the ground, containers increase the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors. Use the containers to grow an array of bright colored shrubs and flowers. You can even plant a few small trees in these containers, which will help attract birds and insects to the garden.

Group your garden

Divide your garden into specific areas. Creating compartments will help you group plant groups or planters to create a central focus around which you can design the rest of the garden. Grouping also enables better placing of furniture to create an intimate area for relaxation. 

Use your space in a clever way to create height with trees and larger shrubs in certain area and grade this down to lower growing shrubbery and flowers. Take your time to design the outdoor living space with these tips, to maximize the enjoyment you derive from your small garden.

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