How and Why You Should Learn Java

By Robert Harrington posted 10-29-2020 16:13


The right code is its own best documentation. Over time, the java programming language has proven to be indispensable. It is among the top five in-demand programming languages. Java is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) language engineered by Sun Microsystems. It's an alternative to the steep C++ language. With a wide array of applications, Java cuts across web development to game automation.

Is Java worth the hype? Should you invest your time to master the nuances? Follow along.

Why You Should Learn Java

Some four reasons you should master the java language:

1. Java Is Predominant Globally

According to the TIOBE Index, Java is the most used programming language globally. It's eminence results from the wide applications it is used for, from basic web scripting to the sophisticated Internet of Things and smart devices such as heaters, doors, and bulbs.

Java is also the backbone behind Android, all the go smartphone operating system.

2. Java Has an Interactive Support Community

Java takes pride in having millions of users ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced coders. All these users have come together and formed an online support group as well as share their resources. For beginners, in case of a swamp, while coding, this community is your go-to.

Suck support communities include Java Forums, GeeksforGeeks, GitHub, StackOverflow, etc.

3. Java Is Endowed with Robust Development Tools

For Java, you are not limited to the Integrated Development Environments (IDE) you can use to code. You can use NetBeans, Eclipse, BlueJ, JCreator, Greenfoot, etc. to run out your lines of code. These rich IDEs are fully automated for bug0free codes.

Not to mention, Java has its own Android IDE, Android Studio, for developing android applications and operating systems.

4. Java Is Lucrative

A skilled Java programmer is likely to make a fortune out of their brains. Due to the sophisticated niches applied in Java, programmers earn a handsome salary from their skill. Not to mention, Java is quite promising and favored by employers and the corporate world.

Java is also used in big data centers and giant institutions such as Spotify, Instagram, and Amazon. Indeed, the future is luminous in Java programming.

You are now convinced to master the language. How will you take that step of faith now?

How to Learn Java Programming Language?

1. Master the Intricacies

We all start somewhere. You first need to get the hang of the basics of the language. Don't be anxious and learn the little concepts of the language. Study the various scripting tags, classes, functions, and general outlook.

2. Practice Those Lines of Code

Practice makes perfect. There are numerous free resources online to assist you with practice coding. For instance, do my java Homework is one great site to put your skills to the test. Make it a habit to code regularly to supplement your theoretical knowledge.

3. Research Consistently on Java

Be thirsty for information on Java across books, journals, and the internet. Consistent reading gives you an edge to the new trends in the field and the latest free resources. You could also join the Java forum communities online for in-depth details on certain elements.

Practicing as a group is also a great way to master the language. Team up with some interested learners to discuss while practicing.

Where there is a will, there is a way. With consistent practice and effort, you will ultimately learn Java and make a living out of it. Java makes the world.