The Challenges of Rising Education Expenses for American Students

By Robert Harrington posted 03-21-2021 22:59


Going to school and getting an education is seen as the best way to have a great life and a successful career. In some cases, it can mean the difference between poverty and having a better life. Yet, it is not easy to get an education, especially in America. 

There are hurdles in place that make it hard for students to complete their education, and rising costs serve as a big reason. Here are the challenges of rising education expenses for American students.

Student loans that will follow you to adulthood

College is not cheap. Unless you can get a scholarship, college tuition can reach in the tens of thousands of dollars by the time you get your diploma. For students who cannot afford to pay the tuition upfront, they opt to get student loans to pay their tuition now and pay back the loans later. 

Yet, because of how expensive the loans are, it is not guaranteed that students will be able to pay back those loans quickly. Unless you can get a high-paying job immediately after you graduate, those loans will take a while to pay back and that will eat into your savings.

Inability to afford every course

You want to learn as much as possible, but expensive classes mean you have to pick and choose what you can afford. This then leaves you at a disadvantage compared to those who take up all the courses they possibly can in college. There are ways to take all the courses you need without breaking the bank, such as signing up for cheap online college courses at StraighterLine. 

Their collection of over 60 college courses will give you the skills you need to succeed in the professional world. After you sign up for a course, you can start immediately and work at your own pace. There aren’t any pressures or time limits, and you even get free e-textbooks as part of the course.

Fewer options for education

Rising expenses mean that your choices will only be as big as your budget. For example, you want to go to a world-renowned college, but you cannot pay for the tuition, so you settle for a less expensive college that does not have quality facilities. 

You want to study in the best schools, but you just cannot afford them, so you have to choose among cheaper options that do not offer the best education possible. Your choices become severely limited. 

Dropping out of school early

Education in America can get so expensive that students drop out of school before the school year ends. They or their parents can no longer afford to pay for tuition so they just drop out, which can have some serious negative consequences. 

Not many people and businesses are willing to hire school dropouts, and those who are most likely do not pay a lot. Some students just skip going to school entirely because of how expensive it can get, such as finishing until high school or less. They cannot get an education which severely impacts their prospects in life.

Less focused on studies

With your time and energy being focused on paying education expenses, you have less time for actual schoolwork. You may not have enough time to study for your exam because you were too busy doing side jobs to pay for school. 

You are constantly tired at school because you spend most of your free time with a job or paid work. You neglect your studies because you are more focused on trying to pay for your educational needs. Your studies then take a hit as a result and you can no longer excel academically in school.