Brightest Career Options for Young Graduates in the Healthcare Sector

By Robert Harrington posted 29 days ago


The unemployment rate is alarming wherever you look in the world and you have to go beyond the norm these days to stand out when applying for a job. 

Covid-19 has shown us that there is a vast need for healthcare workers around the world, but whether you are a nurse or a medical scientist, you can improve your chances of landing a superb job with the right skills. 

Learn new skills for bright career options

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a massive need for healthcare workers as the healthcare industry is the one that will see the biggest growth and need in the future. The amount of opportunities in this particular industry is going to be overwhelming and with a Carroll University MBA Program in Healthcare Admin, you can say that the healthcare world is your oyster. 

There will be bright career options among the top ranks of healthcare. An MBA from a well-regarded university such as Carroll can land you a lucrative management position in a hospital or you can become your own boss. 

Graduates with an MBA in healthcare administration have access to bright career options such as hospital and clinic administrators, pharmaceutical brand managers and others. With Carroll’s MBA in healthcare administration program, you’ll learn about all the demands found in a healthcare setting. 

Admin to operate a healthcare facility

Every medical facility wants to streamline admin operations and by earning an MBA online, you can count yourself as a future leader in the healthcare industry. 

Because of the demands, the federal government projects a 20% increase in healthcare administrators by 2026. With an MBA in Healthcare Administration, the doors of opportunity will swing open for you, offering you a host of bright career options. 

The healthcare industry is involved in a systematic overhaul to become more cost-effective. Anyone with an MBA program behind them will be sought after to tackle issues such as budgeting, workforce efficiency and risk management. 

Improving the business of healthcare


With an MBA, you can expect to land yourself the top jobs in any organization, let alone healthcare. If a healthcare MBA graduate leaves the field, the skills they know are transferable to any industry. 

Administrative professionals can work in so many different fields, in a quieter, behind-the-scenes kind of job or with something far more involved. One of the brightest career options for someone with an MBA is a Hospital CFO – seeing the facility is run efficiently and cost-effectively. 

This kind of job will suit someone looking for a high-profile position. Your financial-, marketing- and business skill will all have to be super sharp to manage in this challenging position where you will have the responsibility of planning budgets. 

Work at any healthcare facility

Within the healthcare industry, you can work in a hospital, laboratory, assisted living facility, government agencies, or something else. Within the complex healthcare environment comes a variety of healthcare roles in different facilities. 


The brilliant thing about the healthcare industry is that MBA graduates can find jobs in literally any traditional business as well – finance, general manager, HR, consulting, and others. A healthcare post-MBA is flexible and is never limited to students with previous healthcare experience. This is because every business requires MBA talent. Certainly, among the benefits of an MBA degree, you get to be picky about where you work. 


Some grad students choose an MBA to become entrepreneurs. You can become an account manager, a hospital administrator, a policy analyst or something else. An MBA in healthcare opens doors to lucrative careers such as a provider of medical services or a supplier of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. 

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