How to Prospect New Clients in Your Consulting Business

By Robert Harrington posted 25 days ago


Who doesn’t need a little help from their friends in these uncertain times? A consulting firm, with its industry-specific experts, helps other businesses in trouble. So just how do they go about prospecting new clients so that they can continue to keep their doors open? 

Decent billing solutions

Clients don’t want to work with a consulting firm that doesn’t have an efficient invoicing system in place. They expect decent terms laying out how the company bills, the kinds of payments accepted, and other useful billing information.

CPA time and billing software keeps track of billable hours but also automates and streamlines other administrative tasks as well. ImagineTime software provides a complete time and billing solution for your office.

It works superbly as the software has been designed by accountants for accountants who understand how important profitability is for a company.

A solid online presence

Before you consider more consulting clients, consider who they are and then develop an online presence adapted to their unique needs. Having a solid online presence is important as this is the first place that clients look for more information on a business. A good online presence helps to convince clients that you are the real deal.

Having a strong online presence is such an important aspect of your marketing strategy, regardless of the size of your business. Certainly, a strong online presence will help generate more leads and confirm your credibility in the marketplace.

Cold pitching

Cold pitching may seem outdated but it’s seriously one of the best ways to reach out to clients. You can start to cold pitch by looking through employment postings and by emailing and SMS-ing would-be clients. 

These pitches have to be short and the message has to be personalized with the person’s name. This applies to current emails and all follow-ups. At least by knowing the person’s name, it shows you took the time to research something about them.

Pave the way for them to become a client by providing short, impactful information that doesn’t bore them. Provide your details and, of course, a link to your website.

Word of mouth

In the 21st century, you can’t believe the importance of word of mouth. A good experience is worth sharing and word of mouth is one of the strongest means to attract and retain clients. 

It is truly one of the greatest ways to grow your customer base. Of course, if someone has a negative experience, they’ll tell others about that too, and on social media where everyone can see it. A good way to encourage people to share positive experiences is to give them an incentive to do so. Rewarding them with a gift or some free services is guaranteed to get you more clients.

Attending industry events

Attending industry events and networking is another great way to discover some brand new connections. Networking gives you a pool of experts where you can glean advice and knowledge. Networking gives you solid opportunities for expanding your business. 

Taking advantage of the knowledge of others can help you discover new ideas to expand your business. Industry events are where you can meet like-minded people and the chance to hand out your business card. They are a viable marketing option for consulting firms and they are successful in terms of networking and lead generation.

Remember, too, that after the show, and with lots of new clients, you want to launch a post-show campaign as it becomes important to stay in the minds of your new customers and to touch base with them about your offerings.