SLA Chemistry Division Vision and Mission

(Revised Oct 2009)

Who We Are
The SLA Chemistry Division membership includes special, academic, government, research and public librarians/information professionals who are interested in all chemistry related fields, including but not limited to: chemical technology, history of chemistry, chemical economics, chemical engineering, biochemistry, forensic technology, polymer and materials science and technology. We adhere to the core values of SLA which include leadership, service, innovation, continuous learning, results and accountability, collaboration and partnering.

The SLA Chemistry Division actively participates in the creation, delivery, and promotion of chemical and related information to meet the needs of its members who serve a diverse clientele seeking or using such information to support the research, scholarly communication and business needs of their organizations.

We are committed to:

  • providing educational and leadership opportunities for our members
  • collaborating with strategic partners in chemical information
  • creating a technologically-advanced future for access to and use of chemical and related information.

The SLA Chemistry Division is the premier member organization for all librarians/information professionals who use or provide support for chemical and related information.