Why Join DCHE

Why Join DCHE?

Being a part of the DCHE puts you in the ranks of librarians working in the world of chemistry from many walks of life – academic, legal, corporate, technical and even consultants. DCHE also includes the Materials, Research & Manufacturing Section, so in addition to Chemistry you will find librarians specializing in materials science, manufacturing and metallurgy.

1) DCHE website: https://connect.sla.org/chemistry/home.

2) DCHE on SLA Connect. Share insights, seek advice, check out announcements on upcoming events and webinars, learn about opportunities for grants and awards.

3) CHMINF-L listserv through Indiana University. Join this list for greater access to chemistry reference sources & to reach a broader audience of professionals working in the field of chemistry.

4) Join the MRM – Materials Research & Manufacturing section for specialized discussions in the world of materials science. MRM section membership is free with Chemistry Division membership.

5) Opportunity to be a mentor or be mentored. If you are interested in getting assistance or assisting a fellow librarian in career guidance, developing professional competencies, or growing a network of peers contact: Denise Callihan (callihan@ppg.com), Mentoring Committee Chair.

6) Sci-Tech News will keep you updated on the latest happenings in the Chemistry, Engineering & Science-Technology Divisions of SLA. This joint newsletter offers book reviews, division news, industry news and any relevant current happenings such as SLA Annual Conference events.

The Chemistry Division is a community of great resources, so please do take advantage of the opportunities waiting for you!