CIC Volunteer Opportunities

CI Opportunities

The Competitive Intelligence Community of SLA is designed for every SLA member that is involved in the competitive intelligence function, supports competitive intelligence in their organization, or is interested in learning more about competitive intelligence.  CI is becoming an essential skill for SLA members and can make you more valuable in your present position as well as boost your career prospects.

Members of the CID learn how to add value by making information actionable, understanding how to not just provide information but also to assess and analyze it, and knowing how to successfully support key CI activities within their company or work group.

The CIC membership is growing despite company cutbacks and the recession.  For some SLA members this is your primary division because you are substantially focused on CI in your work or feel a need to learn more about CI to be more relevant.  But for those who are just learning about or beginning to deal with CI, we would love to be your secondary division, and promise that you too will experience the benefits of membership.

Join CIC and you will find a wealth of value, which is detailed in the (Membership) section of this site.  These include ongoing webinars and an upcoming “Leaders in CI” series which will be archived on our site and available to members only.  It’s the kind of CI education provided at high cost to CI professionals, and it’s yours free from the comfort of your office.

We’re looking for CIC leaders, so please contact us to discuss (volunteer opportunities).  And even if you don’t join the CIC, please be sure to check out our conference programming and the (archived webinars) based on the 2011 conference.  Feel free to reach out to (our Leadership) with any questions, and we look forward to speaking with you.

Join over 25 active SLA CIC volunteers to drive our division to new heights!

The CIC continues to grow, and so do our volunteer ranks.  We have added new volunteers including:

  • J.P. Ratajczak as our new Membership Chair and Executive Board Member
  • Barbie Keiser as our new International Relations Chair and Advisory Board Member
  • Elisa Cho as a member of the Professional Development Committee in charge of our Mentoring Program
  • Jaeger Wells as a member of the Professional Development Committee in charge of our Student Program
  • Marj Atkinson as a member of the Education Committee in charge of our Webinar Program
  • Karen Sutton as the Vendor Relations Chair in fundraising

More new volunteers are in the works and will be announced next month, including the following positions:

  • Treasurer – Executive Board Member
  • Communications Chair
  • Volunteer Chair
  • Communications Committee – Social Media Director
  • Communications Committee – Promotions Director
  • Division Archivist
  • Professional Development Committee – Awards and Grants Director
  • Professional Development Committee – Career Development Director
  • Education Committee – CE Programs Director
  • Education Committee – Chapters and Divisions Director
  • Membership Research Coordinator

Some of these positions are still open, so if you have an interest in volunteering, contact the CIC Chair.

Volunteers Earning Rewards

The CI Community and its members benefit from the contributions of our volunteers – we recognize those contributions with more than just words.

Our Professional Development Committee developed volunteer and leadership awards for the first time in 2013.  We announce the Awards program in March.  Look for more details on our Web site and social media.