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How to Become a Member?

Become a member of the SLA Competitive Intelligence Community!

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Add the Competitive Intelligence Community?

If you are a current member and wish to add the Competitive Intelligence Community to your membership you can  e-mail SLA Headquarters at  Note that you would like to add the CI Community to your membership and include your full name and/or membership ID.   If you prefer, you can also print and fax/mail the form here:

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Join Us

  • Looking for professional development opportunities?
  • Seeking recognition or awareness in the CI profession?
  • Interested in learning more about CI to benefit your career?
  • Want to meet new people and expand your horizons?

Then join the CI Community – as a member, a volunteer, a leader or a sponsor.

Whatever your goals are, volunteering can help you achieve them.  We have roles that require a few hours a month, a few hours a week, or a few days a month if you really want to invest.

In addition to ongoing roles, we always have opportunities to help on site at the conference, to write for the web site, or just to submit suggestions and ideas.

If you are interested in any of the above, contact us.  We have something for everyone.

About the Competitive Intelligence Community! 

Competitive intelligence (CI) is a vital managerial process and activity that examines the external environment to support strategic AND tactical decision-making. Typically it is not limited to researching competitor companies.  Organizations examine their markets, customers, suppliers and so forth.  All those aspects contribute to understanding one’s competitive environment.  Since comparison is involved, often there is great overlap with Knowledge Management to “know thyself” as well.

Increasingly, library and information science professionals are embracing CI and enhancing their contributions to their organizations.  Tap into this exciting community and enhance your professional expertise. Join the CI Community!

What’s the Value of Membership?

Armed with the many advantages of CI Community membership, you will not only remain relevant on the job, but proactively assist with company decision making.  You can be a more critical part of business success with outreach initiatives to keep you up to speed on the latest CI developments and activities

Membership also provides many opportunities for professional growth and development, and we are glad to collaborate along the way.   That includes continuing educational programs – virtual and site-based, professional support for intelligence efforts, as well as many more resources.

What IS the CI Community About & Who Joins?

  • SLA members established the Competitive Intelligence Community in January 2007 to create a professional community that encompasses all aspects of this dynamic and essential organizational function. This includes planning, identifying intelligence needs, collecting and -analyzing information, and providing strategic and tactical decision-support to management.
  • SLA CIC now has almost 600 members. We are comprised of information and intelligence professionals from a broad range of industries, organizations, and roles. 

Ready to Become a SLA Competitive Intelligence Community Member?

Whether you are new to CI or a seasoned expert, you will find the CI Community’s educational offerings, networking opportunities, and vendor alliances vital for not only personal career relevancy and evolution, but with leveraging of these advantages, a way to contribute to the success of your organization.

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Not Yet Convinced or Have Further Questions?

Member Industries Include

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Agriculture
  • Asset Management & related  services
  • Automobile / Automotive
  • Banking
  • Biotechnology / Life Sciences
  • Chemical
  • Databases & Publishing
  • Defense
  • Education & Universities
  • Energy – Oil Etc
  • Engineering Services
  • Food Manufacturing & Retailing
  • Government
  • Grocery
  • Hospitals
  • Independent Consulting
  • Insurance
  • Legal / law
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical Devices
  • Public Libraries
  • Recruitment / Head Hunters
  • Retail NEC
  • Software
  • Technology NEC
  • Think Tanks
  • Tourism
  • Trade Associations
  • Utilities


  • Info Pros interested in enhancing their reference research background and/or analytical skills
  • Knowledge/Record Managers building on internal benchmarking / content management backgrounds
  • Corporate/Government Librarians whose work contributes to their organizations through timely, authoritative, delivery of insights with the depth/breadth/focus needed to succeed
  • MBA/Analysts & Journalists seeking to enhance their investigative abilities
  • Academics supporting professorial research and/or institutional fundraising
  • Independent Consultants offering secondary searches etc
  • Primary Market Researchers
  • Patent Due Diligence Specialists

Member Geographies Include

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Israel
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Uruguay
  • USA
  • UK

Member Functions / Responsibilities include

  • Administrative / Management / Supervisory
  • Business Development / Prospecting
  • CEO, President, Founder or other leadership roles
  • Collection Development / Resource Selection
  • Compliance
  • Consulting
  • Data / Statistics
  • Information Architecture
  • Journalist / Writer
  • Knowledge Management / Intellectual Property
  • Project / Program Management
  • Records Management / Archivist
  • Reference & Research
  • Retired
  • Sales / Account Management
  • Student
  • Taxonomy / Metadata / Cataloging
  • Teaching / Training
  • Technical Services
  • Transitioning / Job Seekers
  • Webmasters / Emerging Technologies / IT / Systems