CI History

About the Competitive Intelligence Community of SLA

The Competitive Intelligence Community is a membership organization of the Special Libraries Association.

The Competitive Intelligence (CI) Community encompasses all aspects of competitive intelligence, including planning, identifying decision makers’ intelligence needs, collecting and analyzing information, disseminating intelligence products and services, evaluating intelligence activities, promoting intelligence services among a client base, and additional industry-specific issues. Competitive Intelligence Community members concentrate on developing their competitive intelligence skills to assist them in functioning more effectively as intelligence professionals within their respective organizations.

About Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence (CI) is a vital organizational process and activity that examines the external competitive environment to support strategic and tactical decision-making. Increasingly, library and information science professionals are embracing CI and enhancing their contributions to their organizations.

Becoming a Member of the CI Community

The SLA Competitive Intelligence Community was established to create a professional community that encompasses all aspects of this dynamic and essential organizational function. This includes planning, identifying intelligence needs, collecting and analyzing information, and providing strategic and tactical decision-support to management.

We are comprised of information and intelligence professionals from a broad range of industries, organizations, and roles. Membership in the CI Community offers professional support for intelligence efforts, including a Community of Practice, educational programs, and resources. Tap into this exciting community and enhance your professional expertise by joining the CI Community.