CI Community Mentoring Program

If you are new to competitive intelligence (CI) or are a student interested in exploring this dynamic and exciting industry, please consider becoming part of the CIC mentoring program.

For students or CI professionals early in their careers:

The CIC’s membership includes globally recognized experts with years of experience in CI. Developing relationships with your colleagues through the CIC mentoring program is a powerful way to advance or jump start your career.

Please complete the Mentor/Mentee Application or contact the Career Development/Career Guidance Chair for more information.

For potential mentors:

Sharing your insight, expertise, war stories, or just noteworthy anecdotes with people who are interested in our profession is a rewarding way to not only give back to SLA, but also develop lifelong learning opportunities.

Please consider being a mentor and use this Mentor/Mentee Application to submit your interest.

Completed mentoring program applications will be submitted to the CIC Membership Chair Phil Britton. You will be notified of its receipt and the status of your application within a few business days.

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