The Coming Wave: Insights, Intelligence and Stakeholder-Centric Business

When:  Feb 24, 2022 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)

The Coming Wave: Insights, Intelligence and Stakeholder-Centric Business

Wednesday, February 24 @ 12:00PM ET

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Every day, we are seeing the impact of stakeholders in our businesses. The whiplash of unexpected actions can be severe, and while we are still climbing the mountain of ESG and stakeholder capitalism change, it is certain that the changing environment is going to require adaptations to our current ways of thinking about competitive intelligence, including the systemization of our processes.

Join us for this upcoming webinar with Jonathan Dunnett, Founder and CEO of Enable Leaders, as he makes the case that the competitive intelligence function is uniquely and well positioned to create next generation value for our organizations and our clients as we not only cope but thrive amidst the coming wave.

About our speaker: Jonathan Dunnett brings over a decade of experience in competitive intelligence and market insights, having worked with a range of companies in nearly every sector, from startups to Billion Dollar Multinationals and Law Firms. His areas of expertise include market analysis and market evaluation, competitive landscaping, competitive technical intelligence, competitor intelligence, and customer intelligence. His background and experience from many sectors is a useful asset for helping clients of all industries and interests.

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