INTEL 09 - Competitive Intelligence Analysis

When:  Jun 15, 2019 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (ET)
What are additional key frameworks used in competitive intelligence? What can they tell me and when & how do I apply them? With scores of analytical models and tools than can support competitive intelligence, building your analytical capabilities is vital to designing more advanced research/monitoring strategies and generating the intelligence your organization needs. This course will focus on key frameworks and techniques that can help your organization understand, assess, and anticipate threats and opportunities, identify and track key developments. See how a cost analysis project is conducted, learn how to understand competition through win-loss analysis, gain understanding of your industry’s strategic groups, and expand your monitoring efforts through developing an Early Warning System. Through discussions and exercises, we will learn how to select and apply these essential analytical tools, define research requirements, generate systematic and forward-looking intelligence, and more.

Instructor: Cynthia Cheng Correia, Knowledge inForm
Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019
Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm
Content: Intermediate
Price: $595 - Member, $790 - Non-member


Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
300 Lakeside Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113