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2022 SLA-MN Board Announcement

  • 1.  2022 SLA-MN Board Announcement

    Posted 01-06-2022 13:51
    Hello everyone!
    I'd like to introduce myself to this community. I'm Maggie Parra and I will be the SLA-MN President for 2022. I'm interested in facilitating planning for a virtual event this year and a winter board meeting in the coming month. More details to come soon!
    I want to congratulate the winner of our board election for President-Elect: Katie Retterath Martin
    Katie was recently selected as a 2021-2022 FINNOVATION Fellow and is working towards the launch of OneShelf, a social enterprise that creates community informed metadata for literary organizations and readers so they can access books that reflect their intersectional identities.
    Welcome, Katie!
    I'm pleased to announce the 2022 Leadership Team:
    Maggie Parra, President
    Katie Retterath Martin, President-Elect
    Laura Bell, Past-President
    Carol Sylvester, Secretary
    Kristin Koester, Webmaster
    Dru Frykberg, Employment Coordinator
    Anna Tonsfeldt, Social Media & Public Relations
    If you are interested in becoming more involved, please check out the volunteer opportunities we have available. 
    I would love to hear what you're looking for from the Minnesota community and discuss ways we can help you in your career. If you have any questions or ideas please let us know at minnesota.sla@gmail.com 
    Maggie Parra, 2022 SLA-MN President
    Business Reference & Information Services
    Wilson Library, University of Minnesota

    Maggie Parra (she/her/hers)
    Business Reference & Information Services
    110 Wilson Library
    University of Minnesota