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P.S. Reminder to Vote in SLA Board of Directors election

  • 1.  P.S. Reminder to Vote in SLA Board of Directors election

    Posted 09-14-2021 13:43
    (I meant to include these additional interviews below, shared by Jamie Lin on Sept. 7. Apologies for hitting send too fast.)

    The PGM Network, a cooperative started by BIPOC SLA members, is pleased to share in-depth video interviews with the President-Elect candidates. These conversations were arranged to be 15-20 minutes each, covering topics such as priorities, retention, inclusion and equity, and collaboration.*

    We then asked the Director candidates if they would respond to the first of the four questions we asked the President-Elect candidates. Director candidates' responses have been compiled into a text document.**

    Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the candidates who are running for office. And of course, our gratitude and thanks to the candidates for their volunteer leadership, and for participating in this project.

    *Interview questions and additional details about the project

    ** Due to the shorter timeline given to the Director candidates, not everyone was able to respond by the deadline. We will continue to add responses to the compiled document as we receive them, with a notation that it was received after everyone else's responses became public.

    -------- initial message:
    Just a reminder that voting is open until Wednesday, September 22 at 5:00 PM ET. Please check your email for the unique link to cast your vote. (If you didn't receive this email/link, contact membership@sla.org.) Before voting, you can read the candidate biographies and responsesand sign in to view the candidate videos (1 to 2 minutes each).

    President-Elect in 2022 (President in 2023)
    Nabi Hasan
    Richard Huffine
    Seema Rampersad
    Shelly Ray

    Director (choose 4)
    Anne Barker
    Jonathan-Lucas "JonLuc" Christensen
    Eugene Giudice
    Debal Kar
    Jessica King
    Heather Kotula
    John Kromer
    Kendra Levine
    Ty Webb
    Craig Wingrove


    Marilee Tuite
    Reference and Digital Services Librarian
    University of Minnesota