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    Posted 04-13-2020 11:40

    I'm interested to know what other economic development organizations use to track foreign-direct investment (by state, metro, county & city) and discover FDI leads.

    We're currently subscribing to fDi Markets from the Financial Times and from Inc. We've also considered Orbis Crossborder Investment from Bureau van Dijk.

    Are there other services you use and/or recommend?

    Thank you!

    Dru Frykberg
    Senior Librarian
    Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development

  • 2.  RE: FDI resources

    Posted 04-14-2020 20:09
    Cross-posted to EDEE.

    Hi Dru,

    Calgary Economic Development has subscribed to and fDI Markets in the past, but we do not currently subscribe to any FDI platforms. When we previously subscribed to it was the beta. The beta wasn't robust enough at the time for our Business Development team, so we let the subscription lapse. Our BD team just completed an assessment of again. The platform has improved but we are holding off on subscribing again until priorities are shifted back to attraction efforts post-COVID-19.

    On an annual basis we participate in the IBM Global Location Trends survey for the annual report of the same name produced by Plant Location International (PLI).  My contact for the survey production is Roel Spee, Global leader, PLI (Roel (dot) Spee (at) PLI has launched a Global Location Trends Analyzer. Contact Koen Gijpers at koen (dot) gijpers (at) for more information.

    For this year's IBM GLT survey, we reached out to our federal counterpart Invest in Canada for an FDI data pull. Invest in Canada actually provided a dataset to us which was provided by LAC Group. I'm not sure of the sources but I'm guessing Invest in Canada contracted LAC Group to identify, track and verify announcements for expansions, attractions, investments and relocations into Canada.

    While I'm aware of the Bureau van Dijk Orbis products, I have not demoed any.

    Hope this helps!

    J Nicole Mullings MLIS
    Manager, Business Intelligence & Research | Research and Strategy
    Calgary Economic Development
    EDEE Caucus Convenor