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  • 1.  Pitchbook or CBInsights

    Posted 05-09-2022 04:47
    Dear all,

    I work at IMD a Business School based in Switzerland and we are currently looking into subscribing to a VC/Start-up database, and specifically Pitchbook or CBInsights.

    After demos and trials, their strength seem to be in different areas and we have faculty/researcher with specific needs pushing for either one or the other. I'm also a bit concerned with the download limitations of both databases (I am wondering if any is suited for research/ bulk downloads of data). I'm keen to get any feedback if you're willing to share!

    Thank you in advance,

    Emma Caloz

    Emma Caloz
    Information Specialist
    IMD, Switzerland

  • 2.  RE: Pitchbook or CBInsights

    Posted 06-07-2022 10:13
    Hi Emma!
    We have both at NYU, but Pitchbook has much more traction and name recognition with faculty, students, and especially the VC student group. That alone, I think, would be cause enough for me to keep Pitchbook if I was forced to choose between the two.

    CB Insights has "faculty" accounts that come with enhanced downloading capabilities (we have 10 included with the base price). Pitchbook has these as well, but for an additional fee. For basic accounts, CB Insights easily beats Pitchbook in the amount the end-user can download. For us, the download limits haven't been too pressing, because we have other anchor PE/VC data products (Refinitiv VentureXpert, Preqin) that we direct patrons to for large queries.

    One frustration I have with CB Insights is that much of their analysis and research is increasing behind a paywall ("locked") and they will not sell this module to academics. It's annoying to end users to discover that content, but not be able to download it.

    Hope this helps!

    Daniel Hickey, MLIS
    Head, NYU Business and Brause Real Estate Libraries
    +1.212.998.2694 | |