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  • 1.  Industry publications

    Posted 10-07-2021 20:33
    Hello B&F colleagues,

    I hope this is a fun Friday request some of you might consider.

    I'm interested to know what industry-focused publications the decision-makers in your organizations still value and pay attention to -- especially those sources covering the clean energy, tech, retail, banking and advertising industries.

    I figured who better to ask than the information professionals working in those industries.

    I realize it's easy enough to come up with lists of trade publications and industry associations. But I hope to discover what industry leaders still find relevant and worth reading.

    Thanks for considering!

    Dru Frykberg
    Senior Librarian
    Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development

  • 2.  RE: Industry publications

    Posted 10-07-2021 21:18
    Edited by Seema Rampersad 10-07-2021 22:12
    Hello Dru

    Great question! I would be interested in the clean energy and tech resources too. Perhaps some members in the community may have some LibGuides on these topics.

    I work in the Business & IP Centre at the British Library - we do have the following industry guides which are useful research resources and help our customers navigate our collection and external trade associations.  They may be a bit UK/Europe bias but there are some international resources and authors too.
    Advertising -
    Energy -
    Digital Communication -


    Seema Rampersad
    SLA President-Elect, Board of Directors 2022-2024
    The British Library
    +44 207 412 7948