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pre-IPO investor relations

  • 1.  pre-IPO investor relations

    Posted 03-27-2019 12:23
    I am trying to find which external investor relations firm was used by a company prior to it's IPO.  I've checked SEC filings and it does not appear to be something which is disclosed.  Also did a general news search.  Any ideas on where to find this info?
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    Joy Whitney
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    Posted 03-28-2019 10:06
    One last ditch effort would be to ask the company itself--which can be dicey depending on the task at hand. Sometimes finding a present or previous employee via LinkedIn that has something in common with you (alma mater, for example) can yield better results than a general email or cold contact pulled from the website. You might consider cross-posting to Competitive Intelligence to see what strategies they might recommend. - Dan

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