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Social Wellbeing Impacts of Libraries and Museums

  • 1.  Social Wellbeing Impacts of Libraries and Museums

    Posted 11-21-2021 18:43
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    Good Evening

    I was going through LinkedIn and I came across this report

    A cursory look at the release from this report proves the point that, far from being an irrelevancy, libraries and museums are a crucial part of the social infrastructure of a community.

    This report brings sharp focus to the need for libraries and by extension, librarians and information professionals.

    To me, this report is just one more piece of evidence for the need for a vital and robust SLA.  Amongst our membership, we have the skills, talents, and creativity to re-imagine and re-engineer our association so that it will be the PREMIER association for information professionals.  

    It will take all of us, contributing our skills and wisdom to the substantive tasks at hand and putting aside focusing on that which does not bring value for the membership dollar or the sponsorship spend made by our industry partners.

    The report is long, but I would encourage all to at least review the executive summary.


    Eugene Giudice
    Research Services Training Specialist
    (312) 876-7384


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