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Cataloging question: vendor name changes

  • 1.  Cataloging question: vendor name changes

    Posted 02-23-2020 11:41
    Our firm uses an ILS as both a catalog and invoice processing system, with roughly 20,000 titles/entries, and would like to conduct a clean-up project related to vendor name changes. For example, we have over 1,000 records for Thomson Reuters as the vendor which, for new entries, should be Refinitiv. I'm wondering if we should:
    • Leave the old records as is (i.e., with Thomson Reuters as the vendor and input any new ones with Refinitiv as the vendor),
    • Leave the old records as is and, for the new ones, input the vendor as "Refinitiv-formerly Thomson Reuters," or something similar,
    • Continue inputting all as Thomson Reuters,
    • Ensure all entries, old and new have the same vendor name, regardless of what we decide on, or
    • Something else

    For this ILS, we have filters on vendors and products, pulling from a standardized list of (vendor or product) names, allowing for no more than two AND or OR filters, and no keyword/free text searching option. (We do have keyword search capabilities on many of our other free text fields, such as Title and Subtitle.) Because of this, it's important we are able, when searching/screening/filtering for vendors, to be confident the results capture everything of relevance.

    In addition to Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv, we will most likely need to do something similar for other vendors (e.g., S&P Global/Standard & Poor's/Capital IQ, Bloomberg/BNA, etc.)

    Any guidance from the catalogers or others who have had a similar dilemma would be greatly appreciated!

    Michael Tebbe
    Director of Information & Research
    Duff & Phelps LLC
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