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Draft Agenda for 20220504 Board Meeting

  • 1.  Draft Agenda for 20220504 Board Meeting

    Posted 05-03-2022 20:27

    Please Zoom into our board meeting tomorrow at 11 am.  You can register here.

    Here's a draft agenda



    Wednesday, May 4, 2022  

    11:00 am SLASCC Board meeting

    Draft agenda


    Called to Order at




    Approve Minutes of the 4/6/2022 Board Meeting:


    Approve the minutes of the previous meeting, which took place on 3/2/2022. Here are the minutes of that meeting:


    Should the 2022 Sternheim Scholarship due date be extended?

    Bob Bellanti

    Documents transfer report

    I have some for transfer

    Others send pictures and realia


    Conference Attendance

                who expects to go?

                who is funded?

                who should represent the community


    Upcoming events (Thanks to David Coppoli)

    6/12 Italian American Museum Tour

    8/7 Dodger Baseball


    Shelly's survey re volunteer to host an event




    Resume review like SF?


    Meeting adjourned:

    William Lee