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    Posted 10-10-2019 20:08
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    It's official, we're "Meetin' in the Middle" with the San Diego SLA chapter on 11/16. Come down to the Bowers Museum for a thought-provoking experience exploring the collections, a docent-led tour of the featured exhibition, "Dimensions of Form: Tamayo & Mixografia", followed by conversation and a drink, snack, or early dinner with our San Diego cohorts.


    We've locked in a special group rate for this event: Adults - $14, Seniors and Students - $11.

    See attached flyer for details, or the event page on Connect, where you can register.


    You'll have plenty of time on either end of the tour to explore the other galleries. Check out the Current Exhibitions page and also the Upcoming Exhibitions page (the Arthur Beaumont exhibition will be open when we visit; click the link ß I don't even know what to say but WOW).

    Know a non-member who might be interested in hanging out with a bunch of librarians and exploring art, artifacts, and local + global cultural history? They can register on the chapter's public website:


    I'm really excited about this event – it's off the beaten path for our typical event locations, we finally have an excuse visit the Bowers, and also finally reconnect with our "sister" chapter members.


    Hope to see you there,

    Shelly Ray, SLA-SCC President-Elect 2019


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    Posted 10-10-2019 20:33
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    Posted 10-10-2019 23:53

    I think we are back up and running! Registration is open, if you have any issues with the PayPal link, please let us know.