Southern California

  • 1.  Need boxes?

    Posted 07-15-2019 16:16
    UCLA's Southern Regional Library Facility has a large volume of boxes to give away to local organizations: Click or tap if you trust this link."> Info from SRLF librarians is below.

    There is a significant collection of archival boxes in a variety of sizes available FREE to cultural heritage organizations in the Los Angeles area. They were purchased for and used in a film that was recently completed and are no longer needed by the film production company. While there is no cost to acquire the boxes, someone from your organization will need to come to the UCLA campus to pick up the boxes. 


    This link will direct you to a google form with photos and dimensions for over 20 different sized archival boxes. We have significant quantities of standard letter and legal size document boxes available.

  Click or tap if you trust this link.">


    Please note that there are a variety of box brands, colors, and lid types, and order fulfillments will likely include an assortment. Due to the volume of boxes we are unable to sort by any of these factors. Please note as well that the majority of the boxes have movie labels adhered to them.


    If you would like to order a large amount of boxes and need help transporting them to your facility, there is a place on the form to request this help. 

    Shelly Ray, SLA-SCC President-Elect