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Vote Before Midnight (PDT) Friday October 18, 2019

  • 1.  Vote Before Midnight (PDT) Friday October 18, 2019

    Posted 10-17-2019 17:59
    Calling all Southern California Chapter members!

    One last reminder:

    The election for the 2020 board is closing soon.  The ballot and the biographical information for our candidates for President-Elect, Treasurer, and Director at Large/Membership chair are available at this link to survey monkey. 

    Thank you to all of our 2020 candidates:
    Ed Vazquez                - President-Elect
    Mary Sohn Lee          - Treasurer
    Jon-Luc Christensen  - Director at Large/Membership chair

    They will be serving with other members of the 2020 Executive Board:
    Shelly Ray                  - President (advancing from President-Elect)
    Richard Hulser            - Past President (advancing from President)
    Frances Lezcano        - Secretary (in the second year of her two year term) 

    Your vote is very important, so please cast your vote before the poll closes at midnight on Friday October 18,2019.

    Thank you,

    Mary Sohn Lee
    2019 Past President