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President's letter - April 2022

  • 1.  President's letter - April 2022

    Posted 04-04-2022 23:24
    Edited by William Lee 04-04-2022 23:36

    President's letter - April 2022

    I wanted to remind you about the upcoming April 6 Community Board meeting.  We will chat about the upcoming Annual Conference, the status of SLA, and other topics that come up.  You should register here.

    We encourage all students to send in an application form for the 2022 Karen Gersten-Sternheim Memorial Scholarship.  This year, the $ 3,000.00 scholarship is open to all library students attending a California-based academic institution that offers a course in Library Science.  If you know a qualified deserving student, the application form and more information are available at Karen Gersten-Sternheim Memorial Scholarship

    We hope you have enjoyed the 1922 letters about the beginnings of the chapter.  This is the beginning of the celebration of our centennial.  If you are browsing the archives on our website at and would like to share your memories or an observation of an event, please let me know and we will post it ASAP. If you have any photos we could scan or other memorabilia like convention badges you would like to be added to the archives, please let me know.

    Speaking of reviewing our archives, the chapter archives are getting a new home.  I can't reveal all the details just yet, but our many thanks go out to Aerospace Corp. for housing our archives for the last forty years. 

    SLA Dodger Day? The lockout is over, and baseball is back.  It's time to bleed blue!! There's been a few changes in the team lineup, but this will be their victorious year.  David Cappoli has been dealing with the Dodgers and will soon put out an announcement regarding potential dates and seating.  It should be great fun!