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The room where it happened (sort of)

  • 1.  The room where it happened (sort of)

    Posted 03-06-2022 23:46

    We knew that the first meeting of SLA-SCC was at 631 South Spring Street in the Realty Board meeting room.

    Did you wonder about 631 South Spring Street?

    Courtesy of Shelly Ray ....

    • "From 1914 to 1937, the six-story structure was utilized for various commercial purposes including a store, offices, and jewelry store and occupants included: Los Angeles Realty Board Building, Los Angeles Engraving Company, A. Clubb & Sons Cigars, Extension Division, Sportologue Publishing Company, Spinner Diest Corporation, Murray Gerber Company, Fontana Land Company, Fontana Farms Company, and Banks Huntley Building. In 1937, the structure was demolished. By 1941, the subject property was re-developed for use as a parking lot, Walt's Auto Parks & Garages." Source: (PDF page 3)


    • "In 1909, the Project Site was improved with a six-story brick building known as the Los Angeles Realty Board Building which was demolished in 1937. The Project Site has been a parking lot since at least 1939 and is currently improved with a one-story restaurant added in 1967." Source: (PDF page 10)
      • Pictures of the building are on PDF pages 249 and 250 in the same doc (figures 8 and 9)




    • On this page, search for "View of Spring Street from below 6th Street - . The street is busy with pedestrian, automobile and street car traffic." This image from 1924 would have the Realty Bldg either directly to the left or just behind the photographer's left shoulder (I think … I can look into it further, but I believe the last sentence is correct):
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    Also interesting - The Research department at  Pacific Southwest Bank, West 6th Street & South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA, 1926 :


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