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What happened today in SLA-SCC History?

  • 1.  What happened today in SLA-SCC History?

    Posted 03-06-2022 22:38
    Edited by William Lee 03-06-2022 23:10

    What happened today in SLA-SCC history?

    As a result of the interest shown by the 34 members of local business-related librarians, Mr. Ralph Powers of the University of Southern California College of Commerce and Business Administration wrote a letter to the members setting up a meeting on March 6, 1922.

    That meeting was held on March 6, 1922, and Guy E. Marion, Head of the Research Department of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and a past president of SLA, was appointed and two days later, wrote a letter to SLA President Dorsey W. Hyde Jr. requesting affiliation with SLA.

    We, as information gatherers and providers, need to contemplate the effort required to set up such a chapter.  They relied on typewriters and snail mail for formal communication.  They could not easily sort a list by location or name.  Imagine what passions existed to compel them to link their libraries, represent their employing institutions, and encourage the institutions to share information.

    You can actually add to this SLA Community knowledge by reviewing the Southern California Community archives at for items you find of interest and sending Bill Lee notes.  You might have some of your own pictures from events that we could add to the collection.  Even better, you may wish to include your own commentary or recollections on the event. 

    Stay tuned for more events from the Community's history.


    William Lee