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Notes from the SLA Leadership Symposium Open Board Meeting

  • 1.  Notes from the SLA Leadership Symposium Open Board Meeting

    Posted 02-08-2019 18:10
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    Hello, SLA Southern California Chapter! The SLA Board of Directors held an Open Board meeting last month at the Leadership Symposium in New Orleans. Below (and attached) is a summary of points of interest covered in the meeting. Please feel free to reach out with any questions! You can also get the slides from the symposium presentations on Connect: Monday's slides and Tuesday's slides.

    SLA Open Board Meeting at Leadership Symposium
    Summary/Points of Interest

    (?* = need follow up)


    • 90 Leadership Symposium registrants
    • President Hal Kirkwood's Goals for the year:
      • Focus on partnerships with clientele and colleagues
      • Streamline and modernize SLA (more on this soon ...)
    • New organizational membership structure/policy:
      • Voting rights – Previously, members who were part of an Organizational membership could not vote, or volunteer
      • All had to be in same chapter/division (5, 10, 15+ people of the same organization with no other options for unit affiliation outside of the organization)
    • Mentorship program -- ?
    • Salary survey will be released in February
    • Looking for Board nominations by February 7th!!
    • Seeking nominations for awards and fellows by February 14th!!
    • New webinar – February – Emerging Technology – AI, blockchain, social media
      • Strategic plan for SLA to be like knowledge hub


    • $4k income from year-end match donations
    • – REMINDER – Designate charity as SLA
    • Treasurer – as of November, SLA was -550k (????)
    • Net -$386K
    • Market impact on portfolio was -$100K
    • Total loss of -$486K (but -$550k above??)
    • *Overvalue on revenue from conference, i.o., loss of membership
    • Less end of year + Dec + portfolio loss = -$515k – $600K loss for 2018
    • "Very conservative for 2019" – Bill Noorlander
    • When is financial statement available??

    Unit partnership agreement:

    • Option 1: 15 Units
    • Option 2: 67 Units (25 will have kiosks)


    • Unit website migration from WordPress à HigherLogic:
      • 67 of 82 sites migrated.
        • 15 haven't responded to SLA headquarters
        • If no response by, 4/1 will be pulled down
      • SLA Headquarters is working on screenshots/toolkit
      • HigherLogic did not configure correctly
    • Reauthorization of caucuses

    ANNUAL conference:

    • 140 submissions
      • 90-100 accepted
    • There will be more advanced content this year, per request in feedback from 2018
    • Do not contact list on request (?)



    • MONTHLY PAYMENTS may be an option in the future?
    • Membership Chair could send contact info of new members to the Board each month – so each new member gets a personal welcome (personalize if any board member knows the new member personally), reach out on Connect and/or make sure the person has joined Connect, etc., send dedicated invites for new events.


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