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Competitive & Decision Intelligence Fall Courses

  • 1.  Competitive & Decision Intelligence Fall Courses

    Posted 08-30-2019 12:35

    Registration is open for all fall 2019 courses in SLA's Competitive & Decision Intelligence Certificate Program! Enhance your research, analysis, and intelligence skills to support competitive intelligence, planning, and decision-making in your organization. 

    How can you apply knowledge management to enhance your organization's competitive intelligence & assets? INTEL-06 Knowledge Management for CI examines how internal and external knowledge can be maximized to generate intelligence and discusses the considerations, issues, tools, and techniques for employing KM in your organization's intelligence defense.

    What can you and your organization do to understand and anticipate the management actions of your competitors, suppliers, or customers? In INTEL-10 Management Analysis, participants will learn how to go beyond management profiles to analyzing management, their drivers, and their decisions and responses.

    How can you help your organization understand and keep ahead of emerging and evolving issues? Issue analysis, taught in INTEL-11b, is a powerful tool that can help us identify emerging issues; track, observe, and understand evolving issues; and avoid surprises. Used by policy analysts, interest groups, and commercial enterprises, its situation awareness also prepares us for timely decisions, planning, and actions.

    How can you anticipate and understand scenarios, events, and developments that can impact your organization or industry sector? Gaining foresight and anticipating future conditions, trends, and actions are fundamental to generating sound management and robust and competitive intelligence. CI employs a range of tools and techniques that help us develop likely scenarios that can impact our organization's competitiveness. Through these scenarios, we can anticipate conditions and events and guide our decisions, strategies, and actions. INTEL-12 Scenario Planning & Futures Techniques presents common futures models and techniques that are used to support strategic development.

    Instructor Cynthia Cheng Correia helps professionals and organizations enhance what they do. For over two decades, she has helped managers and companies develop their competitive intelligence (CI), critical foresight, and strategic capabilities through advising, training, improving processes and practices, & applying effective tools.

    Fall 2019 Course Schedule


    Sep 9-27, 2019


    Knowledge Management for CI


    Oct 7-28, 2019


    Management Analysis


    Nov 4-22, 2019


    Issue Analysis


    Dec 2-20, 2019


    Scenario Planning & Futures Techniques

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    Diana Schapiro
    Director of Learning & Success
    SLA - Special Libraries Association