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Next up in Emerging Tech Social Hour: Rumii

  • 1.  Next up in Emerging Tech Social Hour: Rumii

    Posted 10 days ago

    Emerging Tech Social Hour: Rumii

    Wednesday, June 3rd, 6 pm 

    Join your friends from the San Diego and Southern California communities as we continue our exploration into alternate video conference options! We had a blast running around Online Town during our last adventure. Next, we'll venture into VR. Those of us who do not have VR headsets (which will probably be everyone) may join in via computer, for a less-immersive-yet-still-fun experience.

    Before June 3rd:

    Download the appropriate software for your device
    Create an account and customize your avatar.

    On June 3rd at 6 PM:

    Launch the program and join us using room code: rjdl1q
    (this room code may change, but it will be communicated on Connect if it does!)

    From what I understand, the audio is location-based, depending on your avatar's location in the room, so you may want to use a headset! Our actual faces will not be appearing... just avatars! No one knows how this experience will be... it's new to all. Isn't that great?

    Hope to see your cartoon face soon!


    Jamie Lin

  • 2.  RE: Next up in Emerging Tech Social Hour: Rumii

    Posted 3 days ago
    I tried to download rumii for my Mac, and got an error message that says

     "" can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.  

    Furthermore, it says "This software needs to be updated.  Contact the developer for more information."

  • 3.  RE: Next up in Emerging Tech Social Hour: Rumii

    Posted an hour ago
    Jamie, did you run into anything like Bill did when trying to access Rumii? I just emailed to see if they had any insight, but also wanted to see if you maybe found a workaround you could share.

    Shelly Ray, SLA Southern California Chapter President 2020