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Unit Partnership and Sponsorship at Annual Conference

  • 1.  Unit Partnership and Sponsorship at Annual Conference

    Posted 06-17-2018 21:21
    The chapter deadlines (Chapter Deadlines - Special Libraries Association)  says that on August 31 the chapter President must send the a sponsorship agreement or renewal to HQ.  A search on the term "sponsorship agreement" brings up an item entitled "Unit partnership and sponsorship at annual conference".  That page  states that "decisions must be made by 27 October 2016".  That page contains a link to a PDF which contains the SLA and Unit Partnership and Sponsorship Agreement. That agreement is woefully out of date.  Is this the most current document?

    Is there a revision to this document planned in time for us to make a informed decision between now and August 31, 2018?

    Mary Sohn Lee
    2018 President Southern California Chapter