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  • A newly-created position is available at Sage Therapeutics -- come join us!

  • Now entering its 76th year, the Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Community was founded in 1947 as a Section under SLA's Sci-Tech Division. It officially became its own SLA Division in 1965. But how did this new, distinct professional group start? While ...

  • @Diane Webb and her team did a great presentation at the PHT​​ meeting, and I bet have additional insights! ------------------------------ Amanda Garces STAT 6179297631 ------------------------------

  • Hello,    Due to a sharp increase in subscription costs, I need to reevaluate sources for pharmaceutical pipeline and company transactions.  Has anyone seen a good article recently comparing resources?       Any other comments, especially any ...

  • I'm so happy to share the election results with you.   President: Diane Webb   Diane Webb is a co-founder and President of BizInt Solutions, Inc., which develops, markets and supports the BizInt Smart Charts product family.  BizInt has been ...

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